The Awakened Mind

C Maxwell Cade - Inventor Of The Mind Mirror
C Maxwell Cade



"The awakening of awareness is like gradually awakening from sleep

and becoming more and more vividly aware of everyday reality -

only it's everyday reality from which we are awakening!"


C. Maxwell Cade, British biophysicist and psychobiologist

inventor of the Mind Mirror and EEG-led Awakened Mind training



Max Cade wrote these startling words in his ground-breaking book, The Awakened Mind: Biofeedback and the Development of Higher States of Awareness. Cade was a distinguished British government physicist who revolutionized radar and extended his understanding of light and sound into the field of mind research. 


In 1976, with the assistance of electronics engineer Geoffrey Blundell, Cade invented the Mind Mirror EEG, a unique, composite frequency analyzer that monitors both hemispheres of the brain across an interrelated array of frequencies. The Mind Mirror was then and still is today like a moving picture depicting the bioelectrical activities of consciousness. This visual language can be easily read, understood, and used by anyone to adjust their brainwave patterns to peak states of awareness.


Nothing like the Mind Mirror existed when Cade and Blundell invented it, and there is still nothing else like it today.


Using the Mind Mirror, Cade mapped the brainwave patterns of more than four thousand people from the 1970s into the 1990s. His studies on the brainwaves of meditation and higher states of awareness led to the publication of his classic book, The Awakened Mind, and the field of EEG-led biofeedback meditation. Read an in-depth biography on Max Cade.


Anna Wise - The Mind Mirror
Anna Wise

Humanistic psychologist Anna Wise worked closely with Cade and Blundell on their London mind research from 1973 until 1981, when she carried a Mind Mirror to the United States.


For the next 30 years she conducted research of her own, wrote books, recorded meditations, led brainwave training seminars at Esalen Institute, and implemented the Awakened Mind Practitioner Training Program.


She wrote in a paper handed out to students of the Anna Wise Center:

"What sets the Mind Mirror apart from other forms of electroencephalography was

the interest, on the part of its developer, not in pathological states (as in the case of medical devices), 

but in an optimum state called the Awakened Mind.  

Instead of measuring subjects with problems, the inventor of the Mind Mirror

sought the most highly developed and spiritually conscious people he could find.  

In the flicker of their brainwaves, he and his colleagues found a common pattern,

whether the subject was a yogi, a Zen master or a healer."


In America, Wise measured the brainwaves of a broader range of subjects at the peak of their creative output. Artists, executives, scientists, mathematicians, and inventors at the height of their abilities all produced the same Awakened Mind pattern of mastery.


She found that the Awakened Mind was the optimum state of consciousness regardless of the direction of the individual's personal path through life.

"Put as simply as possible, this distinct and visible pattern is produced by

adding more relaxed, imaginative alpha waves to the beta of ordinary thinking,

and by also awakening the slower theta waves associated with deep meditation, creativity,

and access to the subconscious, as well as the delta radar of intuition and empathy. 

The Awakened Mind pattern describes a symphony of brainwaves, with each frequency playing

its own characteristic part. The score of this symphony can be seen as a

template against which an individual's brainwave pattern can be measured and assessed."


Read an in-depth biography on Anna Wise

The Awakened Mind Today

Today, the Awakened Mind practitioners Wise trained from 2001 to 2009 - and the practitioners they are training - are making vital discoveries of their own.


New discoveries are born out of the vastness of their interests, their rich experiences with clients and subjects, and the advanced technology of the award-winning, research-grade Vilistus Mind Mirror 6


As a result, the Mind Mirror and Awakened Mind training are still on the leading edge of global mind research and consciousness development. And their clients and students are awakening and evolving faster and more efficiently than ever before.

We welcome you to join our efforts to heal, transform and evolve human consciousness

Our mission is to connect everyone with the boundless reservoir of peace, creativity and wisdom flowing in the meditative subconscious mind. Getting in touch with it illuminates us and our world.


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