Warranties & Support


  • 2 year fair use warranty on the Vilistus digital sampling unit (DSU)
  • 2 year fair use warranty on sensors
  • Free lifetime Mind Mirror and Vilistus Pro software updates      


User Manuals

Mind Mirror 6 User Manual

This professionally written, comprehensive, downloadable PDF document covers use and operation of the hardware and software.


Self-Training Guide

Features tips and techniques for deepening into the meditation, awakened mind, and evolved mind patterns, and still higher-states of consciousness recently discovered in the gamma frequencies displayed on the Mind Mirror 6.


Instructional Videos

We provide a series of videos that bring the User Manual to life. The series grows with each new advance in the hardware and/or software. Like the User Manual and Self-Training Guide, the videos are free.


Customer Support

Judith Pennington (U.S.)


Founder of IAM and co-designer of the Mind Mirror Software

  • works hands-on with customers via email, Skype and TeamViewer
  • free two-hour introductory training
  • personal and online trainings

Contact Judith

Technical Support

Stephen Clark (U.K.)


Software engineer and Vilistus/Durham Systems co-owner

  • free lifetime technical support 
  • via email, Skype and TeamViewer
  • online training in biofeedback and neurofeedback

Contact Stephen