Warranties & Support


  • 2 year fair use warranty on the Vilistus digital sampling unit (DSU)
  • 2 year fair use warranty on all sensors and cables
  • Free lifetime Mind Mirror and Vilistus Pro software updates      


User Manuals

Mind Mirror 6 User Manual

This professionally written, comprehensive, downloadable PDF document covers use and operation of the hardware and software.


Self-Training Guide

Features tips and techniques for deepening into the self-training patterns available in the software.


Instructional Videos

An online series of videos demonstrates most of the content in the User Manual. The series grows with each new advance in the hardware and/or software. Like the User Manual and Self-Training Guide, the videos are free.


Customer Support

Judith Pennington (U.S.)


Founder of IAM and co-designer of the Mind Mirror Software

  • works hands-on with customers via email, Skype and TeamViewer
  • free two-hour introductory training
  • personal and online trainings

Contact Judith

Technical Support

Stephen Clark (U.K.)


Software engineer and Vilistus/Durham Systems co-owner

  • free lifetime technical support 
  • via email, Skype and TeamViewer
  • online training in biofeedback and neurofeedback

Contact Stephen