For Professionals

The Mind Mirror - For Professionals

The versatility of the Vilistus Mind Mirror, a state-of-the-art neurofeedback device, makes it the perfect tool for Awakened Mind consciousness trainers, biofeedback/neurofeedback therapists, and professional researchers.


Awakened mind meditation trainers use Vilistus’s integrated Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) meters with EEG to teach clients—with unprecedented ease—to relax, regulate their physiology, and attain deep meditation.


In meditation, clients use their creative insights to resolve  issues and challenges, unblock suppressed creativity, and bring harmony and balance to the body, mind and spirit.


Neurofeedback therapists use the Mind Mirror to train SMR, alpha-theta meditation, theta-beta peak performance, and to reduce or resolve anxiety, panic and depression, PTSD, phobia, addiction, migraine, chronic pain, learning disorders, ADD and ADHD, stroke, brain injury, and many other neurological and psychological disorders.


Professional researchers in world-class universities use the Vilistus EEG and physiology meters to study and remediate the effects of stress and explore the dynamics of mind-body interactions and anomalies.   


What Makes The Mind Mirror Stand Above The Competition?

A state-of-the-art, research-grade neurofeedback device, the Vilistus Mind Mirror offers full audio-visual feedback with innovative user controls, display options, and data analysis tools. Our unique software won an international TransTech 200 award for its ability to help people improve their mental and physical health.


The software is impressive and unparalleled. Resizable data windows, continuous signal quality monitoring, quick keystroke commands, and a wide array of summary view windows and statistical assessment tools make the Mind Mirror indispensable to brainwave trainers and researchers worldwide.


Small, portable and highly affordable, this eight-channel digital sampling unit enables professionals to simultaneously hook up as many as four clients or subjects to any combination of EEG, GSR and BVP. 


The Mind Mirror 6 comes with free, unlimited lifetime software updates, customer service, and technical support. This makes it the most versatile and reasonably priced “real” EEG on the market today.


The Mind Mirror is so affordable that many of your clients will be able to purchase one of their own for home training.


What Do I Need?

The Practitioner Kit, designed for use with clients, includes the digital sampling unit, Mind Mirror and neurofeedback software, GSR, BVP and a three-foot extender cable. The Self-Training Kit is for people whose interest is limited to brainwave self-training with the neurofeedback applications and/or the Mind Mirror’s liberal array of self-training programs.


Both kits include everything your and your clients needed to get started, including a carry case. 


Visit the Mind Mirror page to see screen displays options and the sophisticated user controls engineered by Vilistus.