About The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6

EEG biofeedback is also known as neurofeedback and is building a wide and diverse community of practitioners.


Psychologists, clinicians, therapists, tutors and high-performance coaches, along with cutting edge researchers at all levels of education, are all using EEG biofeedback to teach self-regulation and, in addition, train peak performance in people of all ages and from all walks of life.


Taking EEG biofeedback to the next level, the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is the only program designed to guide people into an optimal meditation state in order to access the clarity, creativity, insight, intuition and spiritual awareness of an ideal state of consciousness: the awakened mind of lucid awareness, creative flow and peak performance.


By allowing meditators to watch their brainwave patterns in real time, the Mind Mirror's  revolutionary self-training program makes it easier to achieve brainwave mastery, speed up meditation training, and develop higher states of awareness. 


The technology behind The Mind Mirror and its time-proven meditation techniques will help you achieve the internal states you desire including:

  • optimal brain function
  • mental coherence
  • increased intelligence and intuition
  • the broadening of your inner self

The Mind Mirror’s self-training program will help you become calmer, clearer and more creative. You will be able to master your thoughts, emotions and physical health in ways that you never thought possible before.


How Does It Work?

The Mind Mirror is a precision instrument. It measures the rhythms of both sides of the brain across a range of frequencies in real time. With this feedback, you can adjust your brainwave patterns to the most efficient, coherent, and productive states of mind. 


The Mind Mirror 6 is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is hook up and then press 'Record.'  The feedback (which can be auditory or visual), will let you know precisely when you reach the self-selected pattern:

  • meditation,
  • the awakened mind,
  • or the evolved mind of unity consciousness.

 Within minutes you will feel calmer and more peaceful, creative and aware.


What Is The Awakened Mind?

The awakened mind is an ideal brainwave pattern found in highly developed and spiritually conscious people. It is seen most often in advanced meditators, visual and performing artists, business executives, hands-on healers, qi gong masters, intuitives, and other self-actualized people with a high degree of self-awareness and personal mastery.


These calm, inwardly focused people are able to access the subconscious mind for creative insights they use to solve personal and career challenges. 


This is the brainwave pattern of the world’s top performers and producers. Anyone can develop it. 


For more information about The Awakened Mind, please click here. For details on the process of awakening, please visit The Awakened Mind subpages--titled How to Meditate, Awakening Your Mind, The Patterns and Qualities of Mastery--on our companion website: Institute For The Awakened Mind


Why The Mind Mirror?

Why should you choose the Mind Mirror?


Quite simply, it is the most affordable, accurate and reliable way to increase the power and potential of your mind.  Custom designed by and for a worldwide community of professional awakened mind trainers, the research-grade Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is the global leader in meditation and consciousness development.   


Unique and highly versatile, the system integrates EEG with physiology for unprecedented and unparalleled neurofeedback/

biofeedback training. Designed for professionals, self-trainers and researchers, the Mind Mirror offers a quick and easy understanding of how your mind works and how it relates to your body, making every meditation session a fascinating adventure in consciousness.


For your complete peace of mind, we provide in-depth training and support, generous warranties, free software updates, and 24/7 customer service.


For more information on how this system can work for you, please click the link to read what people say about the Vilistus Mind Mirror 6


Join our worldwide community of self-trainers, professionals, and researchers. Use the Mind Mirror to open doorways to new worlds of possibility.