meditation studies

Thousands of studies on meditation's ability to reduce stress, balance the brain, restore health, and optimize the brain and consciousness have been published over the past 30 years. Visit this Institute for the Awakened Mind webpage to explore some of the latest and most persuasive studies and databases.

Mind Mirror studies

Read published and informal studies on meditators and healers conducted by researchers on creativity, unique meditation forms, intuition, and much more. Mind Mirror research is ongoing and gaining speed, so please check back to see what the Mind Mirror is mapping, monitoring, measuring, and discovering about consciousness. Explore.

Max Cade papers

C. Maxwell Cade, the distinguished British biophysicist, psychobiologist, and inventor of the Mind Mirror, authored informal papers and lecture notes which the Institute for the Awakened Mind makes available for the first time. Although Cade, a fellow of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and the Royal Society of Medicine, wrote and presented many scientific and technical papers, these lecture notes were not intended for publication and thus were not refereed or subjected to peer review. Some of them quote the writings of other prominent researchers.


Read these highly informative and enlightening papers on this webpage. They are a vivid illustration of Cade's genius in science, medicine, psychology and spirituality, and accordingly provide a holistic understanding of the mind-body connection, higher states of consciousness, and mystical experience.


Visit for details on the life of Max Cade and electronics engineer Geoffrey Blundell, co-inventors of the Mind Mirror. Visit the Mind Mirror Portal website's About Us page for condensed and fascinating biographies on Max Cade and his successor, Anna Wise

Publications by The Maxwell Cade Foundation

The Maxwell Cade Foundation, a United Kingdom charity, was established after Max passed away in 1985. The foundation organized information on the Mind Mirror and consciousness development, and handed out these papers to people interested in his work. Many of his students, including American humanistic psychologist and author Anna Wise, devised their own training courses.


The first publication, "Biofeedback and the Higher States of Consciousness," provides a superb overview of meditation, the Awakened Mind, and higher awareness.


Click here to read the documents published by The Maxwell Cade Foundation