Peak Performance

The Mind Mirror - Peak Performance

On the playing field or concert stage, in the classroom or boardroom, peak performance means being your absolute best: disciplined, skilled, and confident in your ability to compete and win. 


Scientific studies show that meditation’s focused awareness, sustained attention, inner visioning, and mental fluency awaken the mind, body and spirit to their greatest powers and potential—the definition of peak performance.  


No matter what your passion, the Mind Mirror’s self-training screens and variable challenge levels will help you combine external focus with calm, creative inner awareness for the precision edge that succeeds and wins! 

What Is Peak Performance?

Peak performance training usually refers to repetitive practice, mental imaging, and brainwave mastery. The modern world is increasingly turning to brainwave training for peak performance training, simply because teaching the brain to operate at peak capacity produces the most reliable and lasting results. 


The Mind Mirror trains peak performance through attainment of the Awakened Mind pattern. The Awakened Mind, enjoyed by creative people at the top of their game, thinks quicker and with greater accuracy and creativity. it is also able to physically act with increased accuracy, coordination, dexterity, and speed. 


People with an Awakened Mind practice their skill sets better. Their mental imaging is clearer and sharper. And their performances are top-flight.


Forty years of research on the Awakened Mind has irrefutably proved that it underlies peak performance. The Awakened Mind pattern is always present when a mathematician is solving a difficult problem, the executive is attending a challenging board meeting, the spiritual master is teaching, the musician is composing, and the skier and runner are competing to win.


Flowing with clarity, creativity, insight, intuition and often spiritual awareness, the Awakened Mind is a master of technical skills, mental fluency, creativity, and reaction time. Calm, contemplative, and resistant to pressure and stress, the Awakened Mind of creative flow is present in the world’s top performers.


How Does The Mind Mirror Train Peak Performance?

People with meditation and contemplative practices are able to attain the Awakened Mind pattern with relative ease. Sometimes, non-meditators experiencing a great deal of stress or illness begin with preliminary self-training patterns such as Beta Reduction, Alpha-Theta Training, Alpha Synchrony, and Delta Generation. Then they go on to the Meditation or Awakened Mind self-training patterns.


Awakened Mind training clears mental-emotional obstacles quickly and effectively. These active, working meditations—such as finding a creative solution to a problem or mentally healing a relationship—produce useful and life-altering results. This helps the meditator access and condition the peak performance pattern in the brain, body and consciousness.


The Mind Mirror’s variable challenge levels assist the brain in refining the pattern for ever-increasing levels of peak performance. 

The trainee listens to pleasant music or a gong sound serving as an audio cue or watches the brainwave patterns. When the auditory cues or visuals are interrupted, the brain adjusts until it is able to maintain the reward and thus the brainwave pattern.  


Results come even faster when the Awakened Mind self-trainer finds and uses a biofeedback landmark that reconfigures the brain to the peak state. It's a simple matter of internally finding representative images, sounds, concepts or body sensations. At performance time, simply recalling the representational landmark returns the brain to the memory of the peak state, which it then reproduces. 


What Else Can I Gain?

Peak performance training with the Mind Mirror is, by its nature, mind-expanding and life-changing. You will see positive and beneficial results right away, and these will increase over time as you awaken to the life you want and deserve.


The Awakened Mind, aware of its capabilities, finds ways to self-actualize. The Awakened Mind is peaceful, balanced, perceptive and, with its high-level creativity, solves its own problems. The steady stream of “aha” insights and peak experiences enjoyed by the Awakened Mind creates a feeling of “gradually awakening from sleep and becoming more and more vividly aware of everyday reality,” as Max Cade in his seminal book, The Awakened Mind: Biofeedback and the Development of Higher States of Awareness.


People who develop this sought-after brainwave pattern live in a higher state of consciousness in which they find new meaning in the flow of everyday events. This elevated state is also known as “the zone” or “flow.” Time may seem to slow or stop altogether, as what was not known or understood becomes conscious, and the mind unites with itself, others and its spirit.


The Awakened Mind is a higher state of consciousness. You may have recognized it in the champion golfer who pauses to take in the sweep of the horizon, the cheering people, and the distance of the hole in a single glance, then smiles confidently and effortlessly makes a hole-in-one. In this peak performer, there is a release of separation into an open flow of consciousness that expands the mind’s boundaries into what many have described as a kind of transcendence.


For those who are interested in spiritual growth, the expansion of the Awakened Mind into the Mind Mirror’s Evolved Mind pattern of unity and bliss is arguably the human mind’s greatest accomplishment. Even momentary flares of the Evolved Mind pattern access unity consciousness, love, compassion, and illumination. The Evolved Mind stabilizes the Awakened Mind pattern and all of its power and potential.


With the Mind Mirror, anyone willing to meditate and awaken the mind can attain these heights of human and spiritual accomplishment.


How Do I Awaken To Higher States Of Consciousness?

This will occur on its own as you self-train with the Mind Mirror, synchronize your brain, and deepen into the alpha-theta brainwaves of meditation and the Awakened Mind.


If you want additional help, Awakened Mind and Evolved Mind meditation recordings geared to self-discovery, healing and transformation are available from three world authorities on EEG and the Awakened Mind. Purchase prices are nominal. Please visit here to see the possibilities. Download recorded meditations by Max Cade at no cost on this webpage.


With practice on your Mind Mirror, the development of peak performance is inevitable. More than anything else, your brain wants to optimize its own functioning—and according to the sciences of neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, it is amazingly capable of doing so.