Optimal Meditation

The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is the scientific fast-track to optimal meditation and peak performance states.


Our easy-to-use self-training program - available in all of our products - will guide you into deep and profound levels of subconscious meditation, where your body will energize and restore itself. Your brain will become more coherent and synchronized. Your mind, uniting with itself, will become more intelligent and creative. The insights you receive in meditation will enable you to master your mind, personal life, and work.  


Your brain/mind, adjusting to the pattern you are training, will soon externalize this clarity, creativity, and intuition as the Awakened Mind of personal mastery and peak performance. 


How can meditation benefit me?   

The Awakened Mind brainwave pattern of lucid awareness, creative flow and peak performance was mapped on the first Mind Mirror invented in 1976 by English biophysicist and Zen master C. Maxwell Cade.


Today, the revolutionary Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 allows you to self-train this meditative pattern of lucid awareness, a higher state of consciousness, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Learn more.

Everyone shifts their state of consciousness countless times each day. The rapid pace of daily life keeps the mind running at unbelievable speeds. Studies say that the conscious, thinking mind is so busy that the average person loses his/her attention span every six to ten seconds.


Most people experience this highly stressful mental roller coaster as restless inattention and chaotic, confused thinking: the result of “broken points of consciousness” that fragment the mind, devastate the body, and imprison the spirit.


Meditation with the Mind Mirror will take you deep into lower, slower brainwave frequencies that increase the brain's coherence, synchronize the two hemispheres, and give you access to inner resources that provide powerful solutions to real-life problems. 


Nothing else offers the extraordinary benefits of deep-state meditation:

  • deep tranquillity and inner peace
  • high levels of brain/mind integration
  • keener focus and attention
  • increased ability to think, plot, plan, imagine and create
  • flashes of creative insight and inspiration
  • improved health on a cellular level
  • better physical coordination
  • improved reaction time
  • intensified sensory acuity
  • enhanced learning abilities
  • increased psychic powers, like telepathy
  • physical brain growth resulting in greater intelligence, better memory, and enhanced creative powers

how does meditation make me happier and more peaceful?

Meditation teaches people to master their brainwaves in order to master their minds and lives. It’s a simple matter of learning to quiet your thinking mind—an otherwise daunting task that the Mind Mirror self-training program makes easy.


Learning to focus and sustain your attention and awareness will gradually condition mental stability and a peaceful, highly aware continuity of consciousness. Your brain will wire itself to this different and more expanded way of being in the world. Your life will be empowered by the clarity of your conscious mind, the creativity and insight flowing in your subconscious, and the empathy and intuition of your unconscious mind.


Uniting and developing the full power and potential of the mind enables people to self-actualize and succeed in life. The inevitable result is peace and happiness. Thousands of studies cite the results: the inner peace and calm of meditation relaxes the body, reduces stress, boosts the immune system, and lowers respiration, heart rate, blood pressure and cholesterol. 


It's a proven fact: meditators are smarter and more creative than non-meditators. Deepening into alpha-theta builds new neurons (nerve cells) in the intellectual cortex and in our memory retrieval and storage center, the hippocampus. New brain cells (a process called neurogenesis) increase our ability to think, reason, recall, plot and plan while reducing age-related cortical thinning. 


At the same time, the meditative, awakened brain rewires old patterns into positive ways of thinking and feeling. Nothing else offers this remarkable range of benefits.

How does the Mind Mirror teach me to meditate?

The Mind Mirror takes the struggle out of meditation. You simply hook up, press Record, and relax while your brain adjusts itself to win audio rewards given for variable challenge levels. Tips and techniques for quieting and centering your awareness are provided in the accompanying "Awakened Mind Self-Training Guide." But essentially, once you understand the basics of brainwaves, the less you do, the better.


Some new meditators select preliminary self-training programs that guide the brain to quiet its thinking mind and generate the sensory alpha bridge that opens to the deep, profound inner peace flowing in the subconscious mind. Seasoned meditators begin with the ideal silent Meditation or Awakened Mind patterns, increase their scores, and then progress to the Evolved Mind and Gamma Synchrony patterns of whole-brain synchrony, superlucidity, and transcendence.


Simply close your eyes and listen to your audio feedback--pleasant meditation music or a gong sound--with or without a guided meditation. Or keep your eyes open and use the visual feedback—the pattern outline—to show your brain what to do.


Your brain instinctively knows how to learn. It just needs the right cue. Brainwave training is not a conscious process; you don’t have to try. Your brilliant brain knows exactly what to do.


The Mind Mirror's self-training program will usher you down into “the deep,” where creative insights, peak experiences, and profound states of consciousness lie waiting for you.