Inside The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6

Featuring a comprehensive, at-home self-training program, the research-grade Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is a state-of-the-art neurofeedback/biofeedback device designed for meditation and consciousness development.


It is the only instrument in the world that is used by professionals and self-trainers to orchestrate recognizable brainwave patterns into ideal states of awareness:

  • Silent Meditation
  • The Awakened Mind of creative flow and peak performance (displayed in the brainwave patterns shown below)
  • The Evolved Mind of whole-brain synchrony and nonduality
  • The Gamma Synchrony pattern of the Superconscious Mind with 64-hertz gamma, and
  • The Universal or Cosmic Consciousness pattern with 100-hertz gamma. 

Operating in real time, The Mind Mirror precisely reflects the user's state of consciousness.


Looking into this "mirror" of the mind, users see how to adjust their mental activities to attain deep relaxation, meditation, creative flow, and peak performance, thus unlocking the full power and potential of their minds.


Offering four instrument ports, this research-grade digital sampling unit can simultaneously help you self-regulate your body with two integrated physiology meters: Galvanic Skin Response and Blood Volume Pulse.


The purchase of additional EEG or physiology sensors allows for the monitoring of four people at a time. 

Brainwave patterns displayed on Vilistus Mind Mirror 6.
Brainwave patterns displayed on Vilistus Mind Mirror 6.


The software also accommodates neurofeedback training of SMR, alpha-theta, theta-beta and much more.

Why choose the Mind Mirror?

The Vilistus Mind Mirror 6 is the most affordable (real) electroencephalograph (EEG) on the market.  This device is the only EEG that displays brainwave amplitudes in the left (intellectual) and right (emotional-spiritual) hemispheres across a range of frequencies in real time.


Compact, portable and easy to use, the Vilistus multi-modal unit operates with USB connectivity. Precisely accurate, consistently reliable, and easy to read, the Mind Mirror's interrelated frequency groupings measure the actual functioning of the brain, allowing meditators to adjust their brainwave patterns to move into desired states of consciousness.


The Vilistus Pro and Mind Mirror software provide sophisticated features, innovative user controls, and advanced data analysis tools that offer remarkable insights into the workings of the body and mind - and how to adjust both for optimal performance.


Who chooses the Mind Mirror?

The Mind Mirror is the world-wide choice of professional Awakened Mind trainers, self-trainers, neurofeedback therapists, psychologists, consciousness explorers, and university-based researchers.


Bundled Purchase Option

Click the button below for details on the Practitioner Kit. Bundled with physiology sensors for the best value and mind-body readings.